Journal Staff Writer

For four years, graduates of the Scott High School class of 1968 have held an annual luncheon. And like clockwork, those former Bulldogs put everything aside to enjoy each other’s company.

But the August 5 luncheon, held at the Black Pearl restaurant, 4630 Heatherdowns Blvd, was somewhat different than the previous meetings. That meeting was also a preparation for their 50th class reunion to be held August 9 through the 12 of 2018.

Pastor Jo Carol White-Hardison told The Toledo Journal she is their class’ west coast connection.

“I love my classmates, that’s why I fly from California, yearly, to attend our luncheon,” she said. “Many of our classmates have passed, so this luncheon gives us an opportunity to see one another. For us to continue to see each other is God answering my prayers,” Pastor White-Hardison said.

“In a way, our 50th reunion will be a bigger milestone than our 20th because we don’t know if we’re going to see each other again; being that we’re getting up there in age,” said Kenny Roach, one of the members spearheading their 50th reunion.

Mr. Roach described the magic that exists from attending Scott, and while their school’s former classmates, seem so unified. He said, back in the 1960s, black consciousness was on the rise, as well as the Civil Rights movement was making enormous gains for African Americans, and at that time, Scott was the only predominantly, all black school, where black consciousness was really heightened.

Our 50th reunion will truly be a milestone, he said.

For more information about the 50th class reunion call 419.277.9796 or email