Area Office on Aging, TPD recognize Contributions of RSVP

From left are, award recipients, Patricia Malohn, Marilyn Dotson, Freddi Roberson, Chief George Kral, Gerard Tremblay, and Officer Kathleen Mohr, RSVP volunteer coordinator. Not pictured is Elizabeth Veres.

By Journal Staff Writer

Described as the most important outreach programs of the Toledo Police Department, TPD, by Chief George Kral, some of the members of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, RSVP, were recognized for their hours of contribution to the program.

On Tuesday, December 12, at The Premier Banquet Hall, 4480 Heatherdowns Blvd, the Area Office on Aging, AOOA, and the Toledo Police Department, TPD, recognized, and awarded five volunteers for volunteering over 4,000 hours in RSVP.

AOOA RSVPThose recipients were, Gerard Tremblay with 4,362.25 hours, Elizabeth Veres with 4,937.80 hours, Patricia Malohn with 4,993.75 hours, and Freddi Roberson with 8,750.90 hours.

AOOA RSVPOfficer Kathleen Mohr, of the TPD, is the volunteer coordinator for RSVP. She told The Toledo Journal that, those being recognized had volunteered more then 4,000 hours with the program.

“It’s very important to recognize the efforts of those who volunteer to help keep our senior population safe,” she said.

Among some of the many duties of RSVP include, driving around and checking on seniors, at their home, making sure their safe, or checking to see if they’re in need of anything. RSVP also works at events such as the Area Office on Aging’s Senior Safari. There, members of RSVP make sure the seniors find their way around the zoo, and help provide other forms of aid, if necessary.

Justin Moor, vice president of planning and program development at AOOA, told the members of RSVP, “Thank you for your service. When people age, one of their first concerns is safety, and you all provide that for them.”

Ms. Roberson, who has been with RSVP since 2003, serves as a group leader who sets up daily patrols. She said, “I’m honored to receive this award, but I do what I do because I love it; not to get recognizeD. I really love visiting people and making sure they’re safe.”