How to love your woman   

Women want men who understand them emotionally and psychologically. If a man can create an emotional connection by truly trying to understand a woman, most women will have no problem responding to this kind of man and she will see him as the man of her dreams.

Love and intimacy are what most women desire, however, experiencing this is rare. Loving women the way they want to be loved is paramount. For example, when a woman says, “I feel like I can tell you anything,” most of the time an emotional connection has been made.

Every woman is unique and precious in her own right.  In order to know what a woman wants you have to know the character traits she values. She may like ambition, humor, or intelligence. If your traits match what she values it will be easier for her to connect with you emotionally.

Women want and need harmony in their relationships. Women could be doing great in their professional life, but if their love life is not right, they are miserable.  A woman’s love is a nonstop reality, even when she is not showing it. When women are in love they want to invest time and energy into the relationship by talking to their man, spending time with him and creating plans with him.

If you can understand how creating plans and special memories allows a woman to emotionally connect and build intimacy with you, then you will have no problem making the relationship feel special and everlasting for her.

Women’s happiness should be a No. 1 priority. Women desire to be appreciated, loved and adored by the man they love. Most women want emotional safety and to be valued, because this unlocks the heart and soul of women. She has to trust the love she feels is real.

Question 1)

Dear Dr. Sam,

I am always trying to get to know my wife better so I can make her happy, can you give me any word of advice on accomplishing this task? (Stan, 37)


Dear Stan,

If you read my commentary the information in it is priceless. Start from there also and keep communicating with her on these levels emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, and sexually.

Question 2)

Dear Dr. Sam,

How do I get my husband to learn me better? (Janice, 31)


Dear Janice,

Teach him. If you have a great and open man show him what you like, help him understand how you feel and tell him where you want to go. If your man loves you he will be open and wanting to make you happy.

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