These are some of my quick hitters for love and life. Read them, talk about them and use them to your advantage in your love life.    

Quick Hitter 1)

Men, when you understand what shopping does to a woman you will want to take her shopping all the time. Ladies, you can thank me later. Shopping creates variety, creative drive, sexual tension, manifestation, thrill of the chase to create, it’s stimulating, and it helps her relax. Once you understand these things you will have unlimited power with her.

Quick Hitter 2)

Any time a woman relaxes its foreplay, talk relieves stress. For example, any time she tells you about her day, this is her way of connecting with you and relaxing. The more she relaxes the more she is open to expressing herself sexually.

Quick Hitter 3)

The bad boy versus the bad man syndrome. Most women want a good man, but they want a man with bad boy tendencies. The bad boy thing is a myth because most bad boys are undercover mama’s boys. No real man ever has to overdo it on masculinity to show everybody he thinks he is a man. Women, don’t want a bank robber or a thief, but they want the sexual tension the bad boys create. What they want is a good man that’s bad. Create some bad boy moments, which create sexual tension in her without being the jail boy.

Quick Hitter 4)

Always talk to a woman as an authority, so you become the one she comes to, to validate her decisions. Most woman love this, but they may never tell you.

Quick Hitter 5)

Any time a man says something women always attach these two statements, “What did he mean by that” and “why did he say that.”

Quick Hitter 6)

When a woman is trying to improve or help in a relationship she is doing it out of love.  

Fact of the Day:

Smoking is the cause for more than 80% of all lung cancers, but people who do not smoke can also have lung cancer.


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