Confident… Strong…Beautiful…Sophisticated…Loved…Celebrated…. Today I honor you. A confident woman changes the spaces in which she walks and moves people’s expectations into revelation. She is like the waves on an ocean deep, reflecting the light from the sunset casting her beauty on the open sea.

A strong woman rises to all occasions’ morning, noon and night. Basking in the intelligence of an eagle taking to flight. Her strengthen is undeniable God made her a sight to see, men all over the world revel in her glory as they bend to their knee.

From the moment a beautiful woman is born its love at first sight, reflected in her eyes our love history. I love you in a place where there is no time or space. She is a  dream you see what a love shared between your beauty and me every time I saw your face I don’t know what you did to me beautiful woman.

A sophisticated woman makes the world stand at attention her presents brings joy to the room.  Her thoughts are not your thoughts and her ways are not yours, but since the day she was born greatness seized the stage.

A loved and celebrated woman is all of the above. She cannot be categorized, ordinary, or settle for anything less. This woman is the woman all men love and adore with sparkles in their eyes they even go to war. Ladies, open your eye and see, Dr. Sam is honoring you from here to forever because you are the Confident woman for the world to see.


Question 1)

Dear Dr. Sam,

My wife says things to me like she is testing me, but I never respond the way she wants me to plus she gets mad? I don’t know what to do am I doing something wrong? (Morris, 38)



It is very simple your wife is communicating with you indirectly. By the way she is testing you. Women do that often. Also, she is trying to get some type of reaction out of you. Remember, women require these three things attention, affection and appreciation. Women tend to talk to men under the surface instead of speaking directly. That’s just the way it is. Unless she is mad at you, most of the time she will talk indirectly to you and your job is to understand.

For example, she will say Morris, are you busy this weekend? What she is really saying is I want to spend quality time with you or she wants you to do some work around the house. Either way, notice she didn’t directly ask you the question. Morris, think with logic and ask yourself, why did she ask me that question and what did she mean by that? When you do you will get closer to communicating better with her.

Question 2)

Dear Dr. Sam,

I have been single for six months, I would love to be in a relationship but I know I have things I need to work on. How do I get ready to eventually receive a man in my life? (Donna, 43)


Dear Donna,

First of all, I am very proud of you because it takes a lot for a person to say I have things to work out. Donna, you should never be thinking about receiving a man first. It all about you. The more valuable you are to yourself the more valuable you become to others. Let everything else come after you and be proactive. Let the chips fall where they may.  Be the queen you were meant to be and the rest will fall into place.

Question 3)

Dear Dr. Sam,

As a single man I find it hard to find a woman who hasn’t had a lot of bad relationships. I am not saying they aren’t great women out here what I am saying is they are not a lot of great partners? Most single woman bring their pass into their present. How do I overcome this? (Mel, 38)



There are a lot of great women out here, but depending on age and experiences most woman will have some type of pass. The only thing you can do is give them time to get over it, work through it, or just move on. Most woman are in some kind of transition leaving something or going into something. The trick is to find the woman who is there with and for you. Trust me they are out there just have faith, don’t settle and keep getting better.


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