There comes a time in your life when you have to add, subtract, divide and multiply people in your life. There will be people coming into your kingdom unauthorized, some with good intentions and others just to be nosey.

There are a lot of people who mean well, but don’t have a clue who you are? They don’t know where you are or where you are going? Don’t let anybody stop you from fulfilling your dreams, reaching your goals or having the greatest life ever.

Keep moving, keep pushing, keep winning, keep learning and when you make it just give them the gift of silence with a smile.

Question 1)

Dear Dr. Sam,

How do I motivate myself every day to reach my goals? (Maxwell, 37)


Dear Maxwell,

It’s like breathing you have to do it every day. Write down your goals because unless you can see it, you won’t believe it. Speak out and say I am good enough to receive and accomplish my goals. The reason you do this every day is because you have to believe what you’re saying, speak what you want, and commemorate that with action.

Question 2)

Dear Dr. Sam,

I am 64 years old and I want to go to college. I have a great husband, family, and friends. I have always wanted to go to college, but thought I was too old. How should I tell my family I want to go to school? (Florence, 64)


Dear Florence,

This is very exciting news. I am very happy for you. Going to college is a great experience with many rewards. There is no age limit on getting your education or satisfaction in your life.

When telling your family be honest and say “I want to be a college graduate.” If they love you, they will support and stand by you. If they don’t in your momma voice tell them to move out of your way.

Question of the Day:

In what city is the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

a) Los Angeles b) Detroit c) Canton d) New York City

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