When will you learn you can’t do the same things the same way all the time? When will you learn you are not a child anymore? When will you learn it’s more than meets the eye? When will you learn not to listen to the naysayers? When will you learn lives are at stake?

When will you learn you are not picking the right man? Gentlemen, when will you learn your woman is not your mother?

When will you learn you are great and God has a plan for you? When will you learn to grab a hold to faith and let go of fear. Most importantly when will you learn to love yourself?

Question 1)

Dear Dr. Sam,

I have a twenty year old son from my previous marriage, I still want to protect and take care of him, but my husband says he has to learn some things on his own? I know my husband is right but it’s hard for me to let go? (Janice, 45)


Dear Janice,

You have to let go of the fear you have about your son and have faith in him. The world can be a cruel place, but at the same time it has a world of opportunities. You can’t protect him from the world that he is in. He is a young man growing up staking his claim in the world. Janice, what you now teach him is how to manage it, engage it and learn from his life.  Janice, the more you try to protect him you’re doing way more harm than good. Janice, he has to fall to get up. Fail to succeed. If you stay in the way too long he will eventually resent you.    

Question 2)

Dear Dr. Sam,

I am 64 years old and I want to go to college. I have a great husband, family, and friends. I have always wanted to go to college, but thought I was too old. How should I tell my family? (Florence, 64)


Dear Florence,

This is very exciting news. I am very happy for you. Going to college is a great experience with many rewards. There is no age limit on getting your education or satisfaction in your life. Tell them just like you just told me.

When telling your family, be honest and say, “I want to be a college graduate.” If they love you, they will support and stand by you. If they don’t in your momma voice tell them to get out of your way.         

Question of the Day:

In what city is the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

a) Los Angeles b) Detroit c) Canton d) New York City       



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