Please stop the madness 2
Dr. Samuel L. Mallette III

Please stop the madness. Lately, I have been dumb founded by the way grown people have been acting, making decisions, and trusting people who don’t deserve to be trusted. There is an old saying that states “Start acting your age.” Why do so many grown people get into teenage situations? Ladies, why do you fight over a man that has already cheated or disrespected you or girlfriends that disrespect you? Please stop the madness, you’re too old for that. I have seen a lot of women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s acting like they are in their 20s. Please stop the madness.

I see women going through the silliest things because they won’t deal with or except the truth. Please stop the madness. Grow up and take responsibility and accountability for your life. Quit gossiping about things you know nothing about. Stop giving advice on men you don’t understand.

Men, please stop acting like boys when you’re a grown man. Handle your business and stop the non-sense. Once you are over 40 you are too old to run the streets. Stop letting your momma do everything for you as those she is your woman. Keep your life tight, so you can treat your woman right. Finally, men if you are planning to have sex with a woman, be her husband and not the baby’s daddy.   

Dr. Sam’s Quote of the Day:

Just because you can see people doesn’t mean they can see you. ~ Dr. Sam

Question 1)

Dear Dr. Sam, you are always answering questions about other people lives, but can I ask you a personal question? What is the greatest thing you would sacrifice to find true love? (Jenna, 30)


Dear Jenna, that is an interesting question? I would sacrifice all except for two things? My relationship with God and my relationship with myself. Jenna, if I can’t love myself firs,t how could I truly give all my love to you? I cannot love you and skip me.

Question 2)

Dear Dr. Sam, what are you most grateful for?  (Bobby, 39)


Dear Bobby, what I am most grateful for is I get another chance every day to get it right. As long as you are above ground there is always a chance to get your life together.

Question 3)

Dear Dr. Sam, how do I keep from getting stuck in my life? (Ross, 60)


Dear Ross, most of us get struck one time or another in life, but what you do about it is the key? Go back to the basics. For example, what drives you now at 60? Is it money, love, giving or mentoring? Ross, take risks try something different or go somewhere you have never been before. There are a lot of things you can do to start your engine again. Pick something and go for it.

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