Do you believe in heaven’s angels who watch over you, keep you, and lead you? Heaven’s angels may come to you in different forms, but their purpose will be constant: they deliver a message; they ward off danger; they come to your rescue; they prevent evil thoughts; they help you to overcome temptation; they enlighten and instruct you; they correct you; they strengthen you; and, they comfort you.  They may come to you through family members or strangers; they may come in thoughts or in dreams; they may come through circumstances and sometimes through tragedy. There is a heaven’s angel assigned to you from the beginning to the end of your lifetime. Can you sense the heaven’s angel in your life?

Life will bring you different situations and circumstances but there is always a way out when you trust the message from “The Messenger.” Today, I want to encourage you to always step forward, keep an open-mind, do your best, keep the faith and know you have a heaven’s angel with you and in you who is ready, willing, and able to meet your  need, even as you meet the needs of another.

Sambition Nation Quotes:

When someone disappoints you celebrate him or her because they did you a huge favor by showing you who they really are. – Dr. Sam

Reader Comments:

1) I had many encounters in my life where someone stepped in to save me they have been my Heaven’s Angel. (57, Karen)

2) This year has been a trying year, I lost everything in a fire, but God is good because my family and I made it out alive. My Heaven’s Angel was in full effect.  (43, Jack)

3) I never take life for granted I want to be a blessing to people. Every day I thank God for my family, friend and my Heaven’s Angel. (28, Sarah)

Question of the Day:

What year did Abraham Lincoln get shot?

1.  a) 1845 b) 1865 c) 1872 d) 1890

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