Black college students host fashion show to raise scholarship money

Justin Cook, Kajuan Willis awarded $1000.00 each

Male models, Christopher, and Christian Lett wear red bands across their mouths, symbolizing the silencing of the Black voice in America.

Journal Staff Writer

Over 250 tickets were sold for the 49th Annual, Black Student Union’s, BSU fashion show. Taking place on Friday, February 23, in the Auditorium of University of Toledo’s Student Union building, students were entertained with fashion displays, comedy, and a rap performance.

Songs from the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s played as models, both male, and female, one at a time, and in many cases, groups of three or four, walked “the runway,” to the beat of the music.

Perfectly choreographed scenes revealed not only the passion for modeling by the college students, but an expertise that could easily be compared to many of the professional modeling shows throughout the country.

Ryah Harrison, left, and Keith Boogs present Justin Cook with a $1000.00 scholarship. Not pictured is Kajuan Willis.

Although the modeling seemed to outshine everything else, the purpose of the annual fashion show was to reward deserving scholars with funding that will help them continue their college education. Justin Cook and Kajuan Willis were each awarded $1000.

Keith Boggs, president of BSU, as well as one of the models, told The Toledo Journal that in order to qualify for the scholarship, applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA, be enrolled in at least 15 credit hours, and write a two to four page essay on three topics on making contributions to the African American community.

Ryah Harrison, vice president of BSU has worked on the fashion show the past three years. She described the night as smoothest performance they’ve had to date, and attributed much of that success to Jazmine Rice, scene director.

“Tonight was outstanding,” Ms. Harrison said. “The show was excellent, and being able to give out scholarships was the best part about the night,” she said.