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As Damien Rushing walked across the stage at his college graduation on April 29, from the University of Cincinnati, he could hear his family, from amongst the thousands of people, cheer him on, and call out his name.

According to his plan, he completed the five year program on time, and earned a degree in architectural engineering; which he was amongst the first to be involved in that particular program at the university.

Also a part of his plan, which Damien Rushing, and his parents, Kelly, and Michelle Rushing, had been planning since he started college, was to hold a party celebrating him graduation.

On Saturday, May 14, family, and friends celebrated the young engineer’s accomplishment, as they gathered at Tremainsville Hall, 2437 Tremainsville Rd.

Michelle Rushing told The Toledo Journal that the fact her son graduated from college, sends a positive, and powerful message to his younger siblings; his brother Korie, who is 17, and sister, Cheyanne, 11.

“His success shows his brother and sister that attending, and graduating from college can be done. It also shows them that great things can happen if you stay focus,” she said.       ‘

I’m so elated, and extremely proud,” said Kelly Rushing about his son’s accomplishment.

“As he was growing up we would cook for him, and help him out; now he’s a man and headed towards a successful career, and life. This type of success is definitely one of the highlights in your child’s life,” he said.

Damien Rushing said graduating was bitter sweet; “I’m glad to graduate, but at the same time, I have to start paying back my student loans,” he said.

Damien Rushing told his self that he would complete the five year program on time and that was exactly what happened.
Damien Rushing told his self that he would complete the five year program on time and that was exactly what happened.

But unlike so many college graduates, the former St. Johns Jesuit student doesn’t have to wait to get a job, nor will he have to work in a field, other than which he earned his degree. The program in which he was enrolled in at the University of Cincinnati, entailed him working in a paid internship, therefore, he’ll go immediately into his field, at the company he interned at, to work as estimator in Cincinnati. There, architectures will bring him the plans to multi-million dollar contracts, and he’ll estimate the cost of the project. Therefore, the fact of him paying back his student loans shouldn’t be as challenging as most college graduates.

Damien rushing’s advice to other college students on graduating from college is to “Stay away from any activity that doesn’t help you focus on school, and put God first, and family second,” he said.