Darryl Brown honored by Local 500 as apprentice of the week, during national celebration

From left are, Jeanette McClain, apprenticeship service provider for the State of Ohio, David Estis, apprenticeship coordinator and business agent for Local 500, David Fleetwood, CEO of Local 500, Brian Burt, project superintendent for The Kokosing Construction Company, who was also honored, by Local 500, for his efforts at helping to develop the community, Darryl Brown, Apprentice of the Week, and Vincent Ervin, statewide apprenticeship coordinator for the State of Ohio

Journal Staff Writer

During National Apprenticeship Week, which is held between November 13 and November 19, Darryl Brown was recognized for his work at the construction site at Joe E. Brown Park, 150 W. Oakland St. Officials from Local 500, Laborers International Union of North America, LIUNA, The Kokosing Construction Company, and the State of Ohio Apprenticeship Program, were all in attendance to congratulate him for earning the recognition.

With a combination of 432 hours of classroom training, and 4000 hours of on the job training, an apprentice advances in his or her particular skill, which can potentially, earn Apprenticeship of the Week, during the Annual, and national recognition ceremony.

David Fleetwood, CEO of Local 500 said at the presentation that Mr. Brown first caught his attention when the opportunity to work at a site was offered.

“I told Darryl, the job doesn’t pay much, but he didn’t care about the payment and hurried to the site, and stayed to completion,” Mr. Fleetwood said.

Brian Burt, project superintendent for The Kokosing Construction Company, who is over-seeing the multi-million dollar renovation of Joe. E. Brown Park, which includes a baseball field, a fitness center, and an area for field hockey, spoke highly of Mr. Brown.

“Ever since Darryl has been with us, he has owned a project,” Mr. Burt said. “He’s always willing to learn, and that’s what I noticed about those who are affiliated with Local 500; they’re always willing to learn more, and good apprentices are a part of that union,” he said.

“I was shocked when they told me I was apprentice of the week,” Mr. Brown told The Toledo Journal. “I like to think I’m a team player who likes to work hard,” he said.

His advice to those who want to excel in their particular skill is, “Come with a positive attitude, and be willing to work hard,” Mr. Brown said.