Dorr Secor Reunion where memories of the good old days live again

Enjoying some shade are, clockwise, Celeste Smith, Tanya Pettaway, Carolyn Glover, Sharon Daugherty, LaDena Phelps, Dorine Mosley, Judy Jaynes, and Tiny Calhoun.

Journal Staff Writer

“The other night, a friend and I were walking down Underwood, and he said, ‘…this reminds me of when we used to walk home from Mt. Vernon School. We’d start off in a big group, and one by one the group got smaller because everyone arrived to his home,’” Daryle Parr, Dorr Secor Committee member, conveyed to The Toledo Journal. And as he recalled the experience, the smell of barbeque, and music from the 60s and 70s filled the air, which quite possibly helped make his childhood memory, much more vivid.

It was Sunday, August 20, the last of a three day weekend for those, who once lived, or still reside in the Dorr Secor area. The location was at the old Ryder School, on Nebraska Ave., halfway between Secor, and Westwood.

Attendees wore t-shirts that read, “Straight Out of Dorr Secor,” a phrase taken from the 2015 box office smash movie, “Straight Out of Compton.”

Several mobile homes were parked next to each other, with large barbecue grills planted in front. A cook passed out meat to hungry participants, then quickly replaced the serving given away, with a new piece, to which he slowly cooked over hot coals.

Dorr Secor Committee members are, from left, Daryle Parr, and his son Adaris, Clementine Madison, Tina Nelson-Roberts, and Fred Brown.
Dorr Secor Committee members are, from left, Daryle Parr, and his son Adaris, Clementine Madison, Tina Nelson-Roberts, and Fred Brown.

For seven years, the reunion has continued to unite friends, and has continued to grow, according to Mr. Parr.

Friday, of that weekend, started off with a meet and greet, at the old Ryder School location. Saturday, a dance was held at the VFW Post on Byrne Rd., while Sunday’s festivities consisted of a picnic, again, on the location of the old Ryder School. The reason the site of the Ryder School was the central location was one, everyone who grew up in the area attended the school, and two, the committee is trying to turn the site into a park.

Mr. Parr said the reunion was started because he and several others thought it would be good to get back together.

“There was closeness established between those of us who grew up in this area,” Mr. Parr said.

Fred Brown, also a committee member said, “When you grew up around Dorr and Secor, everyone was a family. If a child was doing something he or she shouldn’t be doing, another parent could discipline him with no problem. Nowadays, a family structure like that doesn’t exist; today, it’s everyman for himself.”

Clementine Madison joined the committee three years ago. “I just love it here,” she said. “People from all over get together, many of whom we haven’t seen since we were kids, makes this an amazing event,” said Ms. Madison.

Although Tina Nelson-Roberts grew up in the area, she spent some of her adult years in Indiana. “I started to get homesick,” she said. “I wanted to be around that caring family structure that was established in the Dorr Secor area. So when I moved back to Toledo, I joined the committee, in order to help others recapture that family feeling that only this area can provide,” Ms. Nelson-Roberts said.

The committee thanked their sponsors who, they said helped make the reunion successful.

If anyone is interested in joining the Dorr Secor Committee, Daryle Parr can be reached at 419.810.0217.