Dr. John Williams celebrated his 37th Pastoral Anniversary at Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. John Williams’, seated, leadership is described by Rev. Myron Marsenburg as being very close to the example of Christ.

Journal Staff Writer

The seven day long Pastoral celebration, commemorating Dr. John Williams’ 37 years in leadership, ended on Sunday, March 20, at Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church, 2102 Mullberry St.

Local, and out of town visitors, as far away as Buffalo, New York, and Meridian, Mississippi, attended the event that featured praise dancing, and a keynote address by Rev. Jimmy Jordan, senior Pastor at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church.

In addition to serving as the senior Pastor at Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. Williams also serves as the Senior Pastor of New Zion Baptist Church, and Memorial Baptist Church, both of Buffalo, New York.

Rev. Myron Marsenburg, chairman of the anniversary committee, told The Toledo Journal that throughout the week, various speakers spoke at the church, on the importance of recognizing 37 years of service by Dr. Williams.

Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church Choir
Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church Choir

“I’ve been a member since Dr. Williams became our leader, and I’ve seen him work tirelessly over the years; always making himself available to anyone, who needed him,” Rev. Marsenburg said.

He continued by saying, “If you were ever under his leadership, you would think you were, almost, walking with Christ himself; because Dr. Williams never sleeps, and is always available.”

Dr. Williams spoke to The Toledo Journal about some of the best accomplishments over the years.

“Our biggest accomplishments have to be when people come to Christ. We’re always fishing for lost souls,” he said.

Other accomplishments Dr. Williams spoke of is helping to revitalize the neighborhood by buying up properties and demolishing the ones that can’t be rehabbed, and fixing up the ones that could be refurbished, in order to provide housing to those in need.

He said future plans for the church includes, the continuing effort of inviting people to accept Christ, and continuing to provide housing for those in need.

From the right, Dr. Williams, his daughter, Yolanda, and granddaughter, Kita.
From the right, Dr. Williams, his daughter, Yolanda, and granddaughter, Kita.

Additional accomplishments of Dr. Williams during his 37 years as Pastor of Eastern Star Missionary Baptist Church include: being elected President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Toledo and vicinity in 1983, elected president of the Baptist Minister Conference of Buffalo, New York and vicinity in 2000, authoring several religious pamphlets which were used in various cities in the United States, and conducting revivals throughout the United States.