By Lafe Tolliver, Attorney

Lafe Tolliver

Well, it was only a matter of time. A matter of time before the false religious base that described themselves as evangelicals would finally put on their blond wig, ruby red lipstick and silk stockings and go ‘ a whoring’ after other gods.
To be specific, one god, a god they are bending a knee to and that god is Donald Trump.  The clamor of this spectacle of evangelicals feverishly pressing the flesh of god Trump is without shame.

In their pell-mell rush to bow down before their newly crowned golden god Trump, some evangelicals who can not get near the temple courts of god Trump,  will stand outside in the court yards for hours and offer up strident praise of god Trump.

Consider this: What is an evangelical and why are so many evangelicals ostensibly turning their one remaining good eye towards a Trump presidential run and why have they chosen not to take out the cakes of wax that is in their ears when it comes to either obeying man made gods or, The Word of God?

Supposedly, an evangelical is a person who has been born again due to the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ (Christ means, anointed one) and is filled with the Holy Spirit who is to lead and guide evangelicals into all truth.

An evangelical is a person is one who supposedly is not to be so engaged in civic affairs that they stray from the commands of their commander in chief, Jesus Christ. He or she is supposed to keep their eyes on the prize and is to not have a fervid and engulfing fascination with all things material and political.

Jesus, when he stood before Pilate and before his unjust crucifixion, clearly told Pilate and later his disciples that this world was not his kingdom and his followers were to keep their affections sighted on the kingdom of God.

Apparently, many evangelicals did not read those passages or they have foresworn it off as being to timid and mild for their taste and they want bold political action and they want it now!

Evangelicals, especially those described by political pollsters as white, rural and without college degrees want an earthly king over their kingdom and god Trump fits their bill.

Evangelicals are seemingly willing to cut their moorings from the tenets of scripture if it means that they can launch the career of god Trump and then latch their hopes and dreams to his cruise liner and not to their dinghy boats that are in perceived danger of capsizing.

No, Evangelicals have made the conscious decision that god Trump has the goods even if his history and background is one of a person who in times past would be shunned and rejected out of hand by evangelicals as being inauthentic and “not one of us.”

Not now. Trump, the new savior of Evangelicals, is hitting new highs in the polls that show that he is ‘out Christianizing’ Ted Cruz insofar as talking the talk and imitating the walk that causes many Evangelicals to swoon and wax wondrously about god Trump.

Evangelicals are quite willing to prostitute themselves to god Trump if that means that their newly fashioned god will slam immigrants, promise to kick the stuffings out of Obamacare, restore America’s credibility to new heights and build a wall along the US and Mexican border and have Mexico pay for it!

Evangelicals are willing to blush shamelessly when potty mouth god Trump curses and rants and raves in their very midst, but that is considered tolerable by a religious group that now has no scruples about bedding down with a thrice married casino holding god.

I mean, after all, god Trump is showing John Wayne traits and god Trump is willing to bomb the hell out of ISIS! What more could your god do? It matters not that god Trump profanely claims that he has a great relationship with God yet he does not even know how to recite the Book of Second Corinthians! It does not matter that god Trump has belittled the significance of the holy communion as to how he downgraded and dissed the wafer and the wine.

So what that he does not believe in confessing his sins to a holy God. As god Trump, he does not sin, so what is there to confess?

Evangelicals, at one time, were the gold standard of orthodox Biblical Christianity and their word meant something. Not now. Not anymore.

Trump, their new god, has catered to their whims and fears and god Trump gave trifle reference to God even when he went to Liberty University in Virginia (the largest Christian University in the world) and repeatedly cursed before the entire student body!

So what. Whatever your god does, that is OK and as long as that god is created in your image, you can put up with that image and in retrospect…with yourself.

For god Trump to blatantly say that he could stand on Fifth Avenue in New York City and shoot someone and nothing would happen as to his followers leaving him, only a god could do that!

When Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University, seemingly with great joy and gladness endorsed god Trump for the White House, god Trump took this political glory as his due and evangelical credibility fell another ten points.

The golden blond hair god Trump is without any credible evidence of knowing God or his Christ but to many evangelicals, that is a mere trifle and of no concern. What they are concerned about is their god Trump getting to the White House so he can lord it over a broken Congress and a Supreme Court, which to their liking, is out of control.

Trump, the god, promises the evangelicals that he can deliver the goods since after all look at what he has accomplished and he can do the same in the White House! Does god Trump look to God for any direction or inspiration or acknowledgement? Only as little as possible and just enough to sugar coat his skinny message of hubris but with no specific details that would catch the eye of a sharp investigative reporter.

The discernment and wisdom of the evangelical community has been blistered and fractured because they have sought out a worldly leader to give them their promised land now! but they are still yet careful to give dutiful and vacuous lip service to God in church on Sunday morning.  Their trumped shaped lips mouth God but their hearts are far from him.

Let me give you a clue as to what God has done in history past with reprobates and those who go ‘a whoring’ after other gods.

He leaves them to their own devices and permits them to have the fulfillment of their own moral choices; and lets them drink from the broken cisterns of false gods until they gag and cry out for real living water.

Evangelicals have profaned their faith and have shown that they are naked and  unafraid to kiss and hug god Trump thinking that they can serve two masters but not knowing that they will come to love one and to hate the other. For the evangelicals whom have not bowed their knees to god Trump….Maranatha!

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  1. Very insightful. This should be reprinted and placed in the vestibule of every God “fearing” church.