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Apply now or possibly miss the money!

Students  who are college bound should now apply for financial aid by submitting the free application for Federal Financial Aid, better known as FAFSA, to determine their eligibility for financial aid, including the Illinois MAP grant.  The application process, which used to begin January 1st, opened this year, starting October 1, 2017.  Often, students wait until their parents file their taxes, generally around April 15, to see if they qualify for free financial aid dollars.  Unfortunately,  by April, the scholarship or grant money has often ran out, which means students have missed the opportunity to get free money to attend college and end up taking out loans to pay for college.    It is known that students in the Chicagoland area wait and apply after April, when the money is gone.

So, students of color, PLEASE APPLY NOW BEFORE THE MONEY RUNS OUT.  Contact your guidance counselor or go on line to fill out the FAFSA application at  ASAP.