Presenting a Resolution from Toledo City Council is, from left, Tyrone Riley, Toledo City Councilman, District 1, Candace Garmon, owner, Amy Wobser, director, and Liza Minnelli Garmon, sister.

Candace Garmon is the owner of Full Circle to Completion, LLC. Her business is an outpatient treatment program that helps individuals who are having problems with drugs, such as heroin and other opioids, and alcohol.

On Friday, May 20, she held an open house, at 316 N. Michigan, suite 914, directly across the street from the Main Library, to formally introduce her business and staff to the community, as well as the types of services they provide.

The CARF accredited agency provides services such as medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling, intensive outpatient treatment, non-intensive outpatient treatment, relapse prevention training, case management, assessment, crisis intervention, and family counseling.

Motivated by the fact her mother was a heroin user, who died in 2005 from liver complications due to drug usage, Ms. Garmon wants to help as many people as possible.

“Life is precious,” she told The Toledo Journal. “We want to be able to help our community,” she said.

In addition, Ms. Garmon also had a challenge with substance abuse. “The label drug addict stays with you for a very long time,” she said. “Even after achieving success, that label can still be with you. We have to remember that drug addicts, at one time, had dreams, and aspirations like all of us. And here at Full Circle to Completion, we want to help awaken those dreams in people who are having battles with drugs and alcohol,” she said.

Ms. Garmon praises her father, Haywood, who pushed her, and really encouraged to strive for success. She also thanked her sister, Liza Minnelli Garmon who, six years ago, gave her kidney to help save her sister, Candace Garmon.

Tyrone Riley, Toledo City Councilman for District 1, was presenting Candace Garmon with a resolution from City Council.

“With the raise in heroin use, and overdose, this type of business will very important to our community,” he said.

Candace Garmon is a Libbey High School graduate who earned her Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from Central State University, her Master’s Degree in Human Behavior from Capella University, and is currently working on her PhD in Human Behavior.

For more information call 419-246-9405, or the crisis number at 419-496-9783.