By Christopher T. Matthews

On Sunday, October 2, 2016,a parade was held for the IBF Lightweight Champion of the World Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr.. Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson presented him with a Key to the City as thousands of fans and supporters filled the streets of downtown for this celebration.

Lj. Hamilton and Maynard Porter
LJ Hamilton and Maynard Porter
Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson
Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson

Robert Easter Jr. expressed from his heart, as tears ran from his eyes, after being presented with the key to the City, said, “He is glad to be here and see all the kids with smiles on their faces.  When he is in the ring, he is not just fighting for himself but is fighting for everybody in the city.”

Deangelo Gott, fan and supporter, said that he was there to support Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr. and to see him he get the key to the city. “It’s a lot of talent in the city of Toledo that goes unrecognized and it is a beautiful thing to have a world class champion from here. It seems that right now is our time. We must take this opportunity and make the best of it. Again, I would like to congratulate the champ “E-Bunny” and we are here to show love and lend support, “he stated.

Robert Easter ParadeInternational music artist of Toledo, Aoc Obama, said, “It is nothing but love out here today for the light weight champion of the world. There are a lot of champs coming from this city, myself included, and the brother I am with today, Albert Prince Bell. So, it is only in the best interest for champions to show love and support for other champions.”

Albert Prince Bell, 6-0 UBC North American Champ with Floyd Mayweather’s Team, Money Team, thought that it was good to be there today representing the champ. “You get back what you put out,” he said.