By Christopher T. Matthews

On Monday May 16, 2016 Jewel Rollins Signed a letter of Intent to Attend Central State University, on a academic and athletic scholarship with friends,  family, coaches and administrative personnel showing their support.

Jewel Rollins, who currently attends Springfield High school with a 3.6 GPA,  is excited and  feels good to be in this position. She said, “It takes hard work and one should never give up.” She thought at one point athletics would not get her into college, but she held her faith and kept pushing forward and then an opportunity arose that landed her in her current situation.

Her activities included: four years playing basketball and running track, a member of the National Honor Society, African American Club, mentoring club, just to name a few.

Jewel signing her letter of intent.
Jewel signing her letter of intent.

Rochelle Rollins, Jewel’s mother, feels that this is an exciting moment. “Alot of times, within the media, young people are being acknowledged for negativity within the community. Today, we are here to acknowledge something positive, and this way this can be the motivation for those who proceed after Jewel.  Jewel has worked hard in this school district since she was in Kindergarten. It was a challenge, but she met the challenge and excelled. There is some significance to her story, “she stated.

Jewel Rollins says she is excited but she just experienced nervousness at this very moment.
Jewel Rollins says she is excited but she just experienced nervousness at this very moment.

Jewel’s father, Jeff Rollins,  said, ”This is huge to me. It is a piece of legacy to me. Jewel will be the second person in our family to attend Central State University My brother, James was the first. Jewel has opportunity to excel athletically, as well as academically, transitioning from a predominantly white institution and neighbor hood to a historically black college and/or institution will be a good experience for her.”

Jewel’s Father continues with saying, we came from the inner city of Toledo, to Holland and I think it is important that hard work and growth and development does not go unrecognized are youth should be acknowledge for their body’s of work of long periods of time, so for Jewel to be acknowledged I think it is huge, and if it can inspire anybody else it all good and everybody wins.

” We congratulate you Jewel.  It is well deserved. I will miss those fast break layups, but I believe you will do just fine down at Central State,” said Michael O’Shea, Superintendent of Springfield Schools.

“I have watched Jewel through her entire sports career. She is an incredible young lady no matter what she was involved in on or off court. She is has been an outstanding young lady who has always excelled,” shared Matt Geha, assistant superintendent for Springfield Schools.

“It’s been a pleasure to be a coach to Jewel. I appreciate her smile and her humble demeanor. She has worked hard and has been very coachable and all of us can learn something from her work ethic. I wish her the best in her endeavors,” said Jim Howe.


Featured Photo: Front Row (L-R) Vincent Davis Community Advocate, Rochelle Rollins, Jewel Rollins, Sherri Koback, Springfield Board Member.Back Row (L-R) Michael O’shea, Superintendent Springfield Schools Jeff Rollins, Dennis Linn Springfield School Foundation Matt Geha Assistant Superintendent.