Johnny Rawls, national recording artist produces local artists at TSA

High-tech equipment impresses the entertainer

Johnny Rawls, national recording artist, sitting, is preparing to start producing, while local artists and TSA administration watch. Front to back are, Aayan Naim and Bobbie G., local R&B artists, Karly Forger, TSA student, Jordan Tomase, communications and marketing coordinator, and Natalie Gray, TSA Alumni Relations Liaison.

Journal Staff Writer

Johnny Rawls, national recording R & B, and Soul artist, song writer, and producer, has made over 30 CDs.  In his life, he has traveled all over the world, and visited countless recording studios. But when he visited The Toledo School of Arts, TSA, from Wednesday, December 7, through Friday December 9, to produce local artists, Bobbie G, and The Good, The Bad and The Blues, he was highly impressed with the state of the art equipment in their studio.

“This is really high tech,” he told The Toledo Journal. “They have the very best of everything. I wish every school in America could have this type of equipment,” Mr. Rawls said.

Jordan Tomase, communication and marketing coordinator at TSA, said that a member of the school’s administration knew Mr. Rawls and invited him to use the studio during to produce the local artists.

“The students love to see different artists use our studio; they think it’s so cool,” she said. “Plus, when professional artists come here, it exposes the students to different types of genre,” Ms. Tomase said.

Dave Gierke, development director at TSA, said the all-digital technology in the studio is considered the most advanced in North West Ohio.

“Having this type of equipment is imperative. In order to compete in the industry you have to have up to date technology,” he said.

Bobbie G., local R&B artist said it was an honor to have his music produced by Mr. Rawls, and applauded TSA production studio.

“It’s incredible working with Mr. Rawls,” Aayan Naim, Blues, R&B, and Funk artist, with the band, The Good, The Bad, and The Blues, said. “Mr. Rawls is able to bring out the best in you. And what’s also impressive is this studio. It’s so amazing that this exist in Toledo, and at a school,” he said.

Karly Forger is a junior at TSA, who plays several instruments, including the saxophone, and steel drum. She said she was impressed by the fact that a national recording artist, Mr. Rawls, was using their music studio.

Ms. Tomase wants the public to know that TSA loves having artists use their studio, and if their interested contact the school at 419-246-8732.