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The wins are becoming routine, and dominance is second nature for the Chess team of Jones Leadership Academy, 430 Nebraska Ave.

As a team, they haven’t lost a match against a TPS school since 2012. On Saturday, April 21, that streak continued when the team, headed by Warren Woodberry, who created the program at the school, competed against 20 other schools in the 15th Annual Toledo Public Schools, TPS, Chess Tournament, held at Start High School, 2010 Tremainsville Rd. And like Vikings descending on a village, Jones Leadership Academy destroyed the competition, and plundered the event for a total of 14 trophies, including the trophy for the winning team, and the Superintendent’s Cup; which is the first year being given out.


Dr. Romulus Durant, Toledo Public School’s Superintendent, left, presented the team with the tournament’s first, Superintendent Cup. Warren Woodberry, far right, is the mastermind behind six year dominance in chess, at Jones Leadership Academy.

“It’s an honor watching them progress so well in one of the most difficult board games in the world,” Mr. Woodberry told The Toledo Journal. “Seeing their accomplishments is like the equivalency of having your first born child,” he said.


Sophia Hanson quickly ends her opponent’s hopes of winning a game.

Sophia Hanson has been playing for six years. “I really like the game of chess,” she said. “By playing it, you’re trained to think ahead, which gives you an advantage of other people who don’t play,” Sophia said.

Alveon Gould said the tournament was challenging, because of the time constraint on each game. “That time limit will now force me to learn, and think much at a much faster pace,” he said.

The other members of the team are Russell Chapman III, Ylisia Crawford, Teonte Kiser, Tyrin Pryor, and Airlia Hanson

Mr. Woodberry extended a special thanks to Dr. Romulus Durant, The Toledo Journal, The Toledo Blade, and Sandra, and Jeannie Hylant.