Mary Battle, entrepreneur, mom, Valentine’s Day baby celebrates 80th birthday

Sitting center with her family is Mary Battle.

By Journal Staff Writer

Mary Battle has always worn more than one ‘hat,’ according to family. Business owner, aid to those with developmental disabilities, and mom were just three mentioned to The Toledo Journal at her 80th birthday celebration on Saturday, February 17, in the community room of King’s Cove Apartments..

At the start of her birthday celebration, the family of Mary Battle saluted her in a toast, and gave her roses; a tradition of recognizing, and thanking a person for everything he or she has done.

Before the passing of her husband, Capt. Leon Battle, in 1990, they operated a convenience store, Unity Beauty and Barber Supply, and House of Chapeaux, a hat store located in Portside, when it first opened in 1984. But the most impactful venture Mary Battle had, as expressed by her children, has been a mom, and grandmother.

Dwain Battle, son, said, “My mom is a loving, and compassionate woman who has always worked hard.”

“My mom would give her last to help someone,” said Tema Battle-Horn, daughter. “I remember when I was growing up, she always told me to give, and help others. That message has stayed with me, and I know that’s why I’m successful. And because of her example, and her entrepreneurial spirit, I have ventured into the realm of business ownership,” she said.

From left are Marcus and Tema Battle-Horn, Mary Battle, and Tammy and Dwain Battle.
From left are Marcus and Tema Battle-Horn, Mary Battle, and Tammy and Dwain Battle.

Although Mary Battle has two biological children, Tammy Battle, daughter-in-law, of 35 years, and who spearheaded the birthday celebration, said she was always made to feel like her daughter.

“My mom passed when I was 13, and Dwain and I married when I was 17, and mom took me in as her daughter,” she said. “She used to take me to nursing school, and always encouraged me to keep pursing my dreams. If it wasn’t for her, I know I wouldn’t be the Director of Nursing at my job,” Tammy Battle said.

“Oh my God, this is so beautiful,” Mary Battle said. “I just love what they’ve done for me today. The only thing I want for my birthday is the continued love of my family,” she said.