Mattie Taylor announces retirement

After 40 years of service, Mattie Taylor announced her retirement.

Mattie Taylor site manager at Spencer Area Office on Aging Valley Lucas County Senior Nutrition Program announced her retirement from the program in front of some of the people she has assisted, on Thursday, April 5th.  The announcement was held at 330 Oak Terrace Blvd, Holland, Ohio, and after her brief remarks, those in attendance were treated to lunch.

Dawn McDonald, cousin to Mattie Taylor, presented her with flowers, said, “After so many years of service to many people, and still having her own independence, I’m glad to be of her lineage.”

Thanks to all the seniors, my loyal family and friends that attended.  Happy Birthday to Mrs. Pearley Wiggins, Mrs. Juanita Webb, Mrs. Deloris Burres, Mr. Ed Digby, and Hubert Thomas.