Mattie Taylor receives surprise honor and celebrates her birthday

Sitting center, Mattie Taylor holds a laminated copy of the March 2016 issue of The Toledo Journal that featured one of her many accomplishments. From left are, Daisy Dale, volunteer, Carol Shull, director of Spencer Township Neighborhood Center, Courtney Shull, volunteer, Arthur Taylor, son, and Jacky Dale, building facilitator.

Journal Staff Writer

Mattie Taylor, of Spencer Township, is known for helping senior citizens in areas such as healthcare, and proper eating. But, when she received a phone call from, In The News, a company out of Tampa, Florida, that mounts, and laminates newspaper articles, of thousands of people across the United States, because they were going to feature one of her recent accomplishments that was featured in the March 2016 issue of The Toledo Journal, she was totally surprised.

“I’ve received a lot of awards in the past, but I’m always proud when I receive another one,” she told The Toledo Journal on Tuesday, October 4, at the Spenser Township Neighborhood Center, in Spenser Township.

“To receive such an honor adds to my motivation of continuing to reach out and help others,” Ms. Taylor said.

She thanked those who work with her for adding to that motivation. “I thank Pastor Clark Morgan, who sits on our board. I thank Carol Shull, the director of the center, and her daughter Courtey, and her friend Daisy Dale, both of who volunteer at the center and who are always willing to help,” Ms. Taylor said.

“We’re so delighted to have her as part of our center, and community,” Ms. Shull said. “She is such an amazing person who can run circles around people half her age,” she said.

“My mom raised me with excellent work ethics to emulate,” Arthur Taylor Jr. said. “I just wish I could keep up with her,” he said.