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Since junior high school, Nadia Dumas and Mariah White have played basketball together.

Their cohesiveness continued when both attended Start High School, where they’ve been playing Varsity Basketball since their freshmen year.

Currently seniors, both signed their letter of intent to attend Cleveland State University, CSU, known as The Vikings, in the fall of 2017, on Tuesday, November 15, in Start High School’s library, 2010 Tremainsville Rd.

Leon Kynard, varsity coach, has watched the two friends develop their basketball skills over the years.

Nadia plays power forward for the Start Spartans. She averages 14 points, and eight rebounds per game, while her counterpart, Mariah, plays point, and shooting guard, averaging 13 points, and seven rebounds per game.

“Nadia’s shooting range, as well as her ball handling skills have increased over the years,” Coach Kynard said.

Nadia Dumas, left and Mariah White as they sign their letters of intent to attend Cleveland State University in the fall of 2017.
Nadia Dumas, left and Mariah White as they sign their letters of intent to attend Cleveland State University in the fall of 2017.

“In addition to being a good defender, Mariah’s three point shooting has improved. They’re both going to be missed next year,” he said.

Nadia, who will be majoring as a physician assistant, said CSU’s fast pace style of basketball caught her attention. “I also like the downtown environment where the University is located. And the team and the coaching staff are really great,” she added.

“I’m so overjoyed, and it’s such a blessing that out of the hundreds that attempt to receive a basketball scholarship, throughout the country, my daughter was selected as the very few,” said Marquitta Bey, Nadia’s mother. “And you better believe that I will absolutely fly, The Vikings’ flag at my home,” she said.

“To continue playing with Nadia is awesome,” Mariah said. “We’ve been playing together since junior high, and I’m looking forward to playing four more years with her,” she said.

Mariah will be majoring in clinical psychology. She said that during her visits at CSU, a bond developed with the coaches, and she felt right at home.

“I’m excited and relieved that she will be attending college on a full ride,” said April White, Mariah’s mother. “She proves hard work pays off. And when they play University of Toledo, I will definitely be cheering Vikings all the way,” Mrs. White said.

“I’m so grateful she has the opportunity to attend college on a full scholarship,” said Calvin White, Mariah’s father. “She’s a scholar and an athlete, and I’m a proud father,” he said.