Ohio Association of Beauticians, Inc. convene celebrating 78 years

Maria Powell on left, Sasha King, Judah Kynard and Brenda Holsey on right.

Special to The Toledo Journal

The Ohio Associations of Beauticians, Inc. held the 78th State Convention July 9-11th 2016, in Lima, Ohio at Howard Johnson Inn Conference Center. Celebrating years of Professionalism and Education.

The Ohio Association of Beauticians, Inc. (O.A.B.), formed over 80 years ago in 1932, and is one of the oldest organization in Ohio, chartered in 1934 and in 1938 the first convention and educational seminar was held, created for Salons Professionals, also in that year Ohio Association of Beauticians, Inc. joined the N.B.C.L.  

Three stylists transform Judah Kynard’s look.
Three stylists transform Judah Kynard’s look.

This year’s  convention theme was “Upgrade from Basics and Moving Forward” designed so that, salon professionals cannot forget what it took, to get them to this coveted position, and formulate a plan to continue to be the leaders in their association and the industry they have built. They need to develop the will and the ways to do this.”


State Chairperson Mrs. Ruth Glover and Lima Chapter # 26 hosted the State Convention. Beginning on Saturday night for a dance and a fashion show theme, “Purple Rain” with DJ Andy G of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sasha King has a fresh new look made for her.
Sasha King has a fresh new look made for her.

Affirm/Kera Care from Avlon Hair company presented Texture Release. Educational Director, Maria Powell of Toledo, Ohio brought forth an educational experience, to educate salon professionals of cities throughout the state of Ohio that were in attendance. Also, Calvin of Powell’s Beauty Supply, had the products there to sell to the salon professionals, we are most grateful for their commitment to help us in our endeavors.

BeauticiansOn Sunday there was a prayer memorial breakfast and the Honorable Mayor David Burger brought greetings and shared history and the diversity of Lima. Speaker of the hour was Dr. Elder Nanette Smith. We also, memorized our deceased association’s members.

That night was the President’s banquet and Hall of Fame Induction. The inductees were Maggie Merriweather of Cleveland, Dr. Sharon Johnson from Canton, and Dr. Brenda Holsey of Toledo.

Elder Clyde L. Kynard Jr. was the Banquet speaker and he is the son of Dr. Brenda Holsey and Dr. Holsey is the 21st President of the Ohio Association of Beauticians, Inc. O.A.B. Inc. extends an invitation to Salon Professionals to be apart next year, the 79TH State Convention and trade Show.  


July 8-10, 2017 in Toledo, Ohio