Overseer Charles Rice honored by Friendship Baptist Church

Seated from left are, First Lady Thelma, and Bishop Duane Tisdale, Overseer Charles, and Mother Vera Rice, and their son, Eddie Rice. Overseer Rice said, “If you truly believe in God’s work, he’ll give you the strength to do anything.”

By Journal Staff Writer

Overseer, Charles Rice III, is in charge of the Fellowship Ministries at Friendship Baptist Church, 5301 Nebraska Ave. Within that particular ministry, there exist five ministries; the Men, Women, Singles, Couples, and Ideal Workers Ministries. For his dedication, and work within the church, members honored him on Saturday, June 25, at a banquet.

Themed, “Give honor to whom honor is due,” John Hueston, committee member for the Bishevent, told The Toledo Journal, that with the blessing of Bishop Duane Tisdale, members wanted to honor, Overseer Rice for his works.

During the banquet, a trivia game was held to see how many people really knew Overseer Rice. Questions such as, “When did he join Friendship,” and “What’s one thing he hates most about economics,” were just two of the questions asked.

Following the banquet, there was  a program in which each of the ministries that Overseer Rice facilitates, honored him. Also, Bishop Tisdale gave an address on the valuable work of Overseer Rice, and how all people of God must be as committed as him.

In addition, Mr. Hueston would present Overseer Rice with a gift card for a new smart phone, and the main corridor into the sanctuary of the church, would be named after the honoree.

“I’m truly honored and humbled by today’s event,” overseer Rice told The Toledo Journal. “I’m also honored to have been given the opportunity, over the years, to work with Bishop Tisdale,” he said.

“If you truly believe in God’s work, he’ll give you the strength to do anything; like he’s given me the strength to be over the five ministries,” he said.

“Over the years, Overseer Rice has been very valuable to the church; his knowledge, wisdom, and input has been necessary for the success of the church,” said Bishop Tisdale.