Pastor Jerry Boose and members of Second Baptist Church purchasing 7500 square foot sanctuary

Holds weekend celebration

Second Baptist Church sits on five acres, and has a full size gymnasium. Pastor Boose said that gymnasium has given them the opportunity to show the love of Jesus, buy letting an area high school, and an aerobics instructor utilize it.

Journal Staff Writer

Approximately 7500 sq. ft. sanctuary, a full gym, a kitchen, nursery, common space, and much more, all sitting on five acres, is what the members of Second Baptist Church, 9300 Maumee Western Rd, in Monclova, Ohio, just purchased when they went from leasing their church, to buying it. During the weekend of March 16 – 19, members, and invited guests celebrated their accomplishment.

The weekend celebration began on Friday with a large lineup of entertainment which included gospel singers Sharonda Gilbert, and Dorian Rayford, First Creation Nikki D and The Browns, the Second Baptist Praise and Worship Team, and internationally recognized comedian, Horace HB Sanders.

Members from Church of the Harvest International, of Flint, Michigan, celebrated the accomplishment with members from Second Baptist Church.

Saturday, would be more of a wind down day for church members, as they prepared for Sunday’s guest, Church of the Harvest International, of Flint, Michigan, as their Pastor, Bishop Neal Roberson, would deliver the keynote address.

Delivering the keynote address on Sunday, was Bishop Neal Roberson of Church of the Harvest International. In the background, Rev. Dr. Jerry Boose, and other church officials enjoy the talk, which had a little humor, sprinkled throughout.

Susie Brown, chairperson of the event, told The Toledo Journal that, preparing the celebration was a joy.

“I’m originally from another church, which a lot of the activities or preparations for events already had the people, heading up the preparations, in place to make sure it’s successfully done. But, being that this is my first event heading up, since joining Second Baptist, I really feel like I’m a part of the church, because I was given the opportunity to head up something so important. When you head up an event, or activity, you feel more a part of the church, as opposed to just attending that event,” she said.

Rev. Dr. Jerry Boose, senior Pastor said during the first two years, at their current location, they were leasing the building. It was in December 2017 when the members began paying on the building to own it; something he said was a great relief.

“When you lease a building, it’s not yours, and you never get to comfortable at that location because it’s not your building,” he said. “Now that we’re buying the building, we know it’s ours, and it helps us better strategize on how we can do outreach to the community,” Pastor Boose said.

He mentioned that Second Baptist is located in an area that’s predominantly white. “Since we’ve been here, the people in the area have received us well, and treated us well since,” he said.

As part of spreading the message of Jesus Christ, regarding treating your neighbors with respect and love, Pastor Boose said they’d allowed an area high school to use the gymnasium, twice a week, for girl’s Broom Ball practice, which is similar to hockey.  Also, an area aerobics instructor has been able to use the gymnasium twice a week to teach classes.

“Now that we know the building is ours, we’re in a much better position to minister to the people,” he said.