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Divided into two competing groups, 17 fifth and sixth graders sat in a classroom at Woodward High School, on Monday, June 27. Trying to control their excitement, a representative from each team searched for a hidden word, or phrase placed around the classroom.

ReevesFrom time, to time, one child would yell to his or her teammate, as to where he or she thought a word was hidden. That child would then follow those directions yelled out, only to find nothing.

Throughout the game, kids had to be reminded to sit quietly in their chair, or they would lose points; but the excitement of the game had them cheering, or encouraging their teammate in his, or her search for that hidden word, or phrase.Reeves

Upon looking at the kids compete one could have easily assumed they were playing a video game, or the latest cell phone game sensation, Pokémon Go. But instead, Robin Reeves, founder and owner of Reeves Etiquettes and Image Consulting, LLC, had the children searching for words such as, exclusive, or phrases such as, “talking when others are speaking.” Once the hidden clues were discovered, if the searcher didn’t know the definition, he or she, would consult with their teammates to try and figure out the definition. Once it was discovered, the searcher would then place the word, or phrase on a board under the column of an etiquette that a person can do, or don’t do.

“This game teaches them teamwork, etiquettes, and the definition of words, or phrases,” Ms. Reeves told The Toledo Journal.

For the past three years, Reeves Etiquettes and Image Consulting, LLC, has participated in the Toledo Police Department’s “Brains, Body, and Summer Camp.”

When the game was finally completed, and the winning team cheered in victory, the kids were so still so excited from the word, and phrase search, that they wanted to play again.

“When you making learning fun, kids are more receptive to learn,” Ms. Reeves said.