Rozein Beene ‘the original Madea” celebrates ninety years of life

Drinking pop is her secret to long life

Rozein Beene wears her crown, given by her family, at her 90th birthday celebration.

Journal Staff Writer

Long before Taylor Perry’s popular character, Madea, the children of Rozein Beene had their own Madea in their mother, Mary Allen, the oldest child of Rozein Beene, told The Toledo Journal, at her mom’s 90th birthday celebration.

In an intimate setting, family and friends gathered, in a family member’s home, in west Toledo, on Saturday, December 2 to celebrate their mom, grandmother, friend’s birthday.

The mother of eight children, three deceased, and a host of grandchildren, and great grandchildren, Rozein Beene was described by Ms. Allen as, always, being very active throughout her life.

“Drink lots of Pepsi,” Rozein Beene said, is her secret to a long life.
“Drink lots of Pepsi,” Rozein Beene said, is her secret to a long life.

“I would say that’s what kept her going all these years; her involvement in church, and just raising us,” Ms. Allen said.

She said, while growing up, their mom was referred to as “Mother Dear,’ but being that she, and her siblings were so young, they couldn’t say ‘Mother Dear,’ and instead, shortened it to, “Madea.”

“She really loved us, but didn’t take any mess from us,” Ms. Allen said. “Just like Tylor Perry’s Madea, our mom carried a gun that she called, ‘Must I go see Jesus,’ which meant, if we got out of line, she wouldn’t hesitate to shoot us in the butt, or anyone who threatened her or us,” Ms. Allen said, while laughing.

Phyllis Beene, daughter, said, “The reason our mother is deserving of this celebration, is the simple fact that she raised all of us, and always worked a couple of jobs at once. To work multiple jobs, and still raise your children is definitely a sign of a strong woman.”

Rozein Beene, the birthday girl, expressed how happy she was being around her family. “I don’t want anything specific, for my birthday,” she said. “I already have what I want, and that’s my family,” Rozein Beene said.

Then, she shared her secret to a long life, which is, “Drinking lots of Pepsi,” Rozein Beene said.