Scott High School inducts former students into their Hall of Fame

The 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees, with members of the Alumni Association, Scott High School, and the Superintendent of Schools.

Journal Staff Writer

After a nearly, 30 year absence, 12 of some of the best students produced by Scott High School were inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame, on Saturday, March 12, at the Scott High School Hall of Fame Luncheon. Sponsored by the Scott High School Alumni Association, the event was held at the Pinnacle, 1772 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, Ohio.

The Hall of Fame was established in 1981 to recognize graduates of Scott, as well as teachers, administrators, or any individual, who has worked in some type of capacity at the school, who have excelled in various professional realms, academic, athletic, government, or community service.

The 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees.
The 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees.

The 12 inductees were, David Brundage, class of 1964, his brother, the late Robert Brundage, class of 1960, Trevor Black, class of 1974, Wilma Brown, class of 1952, Donald Steve Cole, class of 1962, Johnny Hutton, class of 1967, the late, Ernie Jones, class of 1962, Dr. Wayne Lawson, class of 1969, Stanford Odesky, class of 1955, the late, Lutherine Poston, class of 1974, Sanford Taylor, class of 1952, and Jeff Nelson.

Zahra Collins, co-chair of the event, told The Toledo Journal, “It has been long overdue at recognizing our great alumni. We have a lot of wonderful, and industrial alumni who have made a difference locally, and throughout the world.”

The nominating process began at the school’s centennial celebration, in August of 2014. Attendees of the event were given nominating forms in which they could nominate who they thought was deserving of the honor. Members of the Hall of Fame committee would then review the nominees, and make the final selection.

Once inducted into the Hall of Fame, those individual received a plaque, and a plaque that would hang within the school, forever immortalizing them.

Donald Cole told The Toledo Journal, “This feels really great. I’m so honored to have been nominated, and inducted.”

Wilma Brown said she never looks for accolades for the things she has done throughout her life, but did say, “I’m humbled, and honored.”

“This is truly a great occasion,” said Stan Odesky. “To be inducted into the Hall of Fame, after a long absence of the event, is truly an honor.”

“I’m so happy, and proud of the fact that he’s being inducted,” she said. “Not only did he attend Scott, but he taught for over 20 years, and our children went to Scott. The school was everything to him.”

Gloria Jones, widow of the late Ernie Jones, received the award for her late husband.

In addition to the Hall of Fame induction eight Scott High School students received various scholarships ranging from $200.00 to $1000.00, from the Alumni Association.

Scholarship recipients are, from left, Andre Matthews, Maurissa Crawford, Blake Mintor, Maudie Smith, Kiana Mchaney, Diane Hendricks, and Charlvon Gaston.
Scholarship recipients are, from left, Andre Matthews, Maurissa Crawford, Blake Mintor, Maudie Smith, Kiana Mchaney, Diane Hendricks, and Charlvon Gaston.

To nominate someone for 2017, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the Alumni Association, PO Box 4622 Toledo, Ohio 43610, or call Scott High School at 419-671-4112. Deadline for nominations is May 1, 2016.