Seniors get knowledge on how to protect themselves from Toledo Police and RSVP

Members of RSVP help prepare lunch for those in attendance

By Jurry Taalib-Deen
Journal Staff Writer

For the past four years, seniors throughout Toledo rush to the annual Senior Safety Day, held under the shelter house of Ottawa Park, to receive the latest information on how they can protect themselves from various scams. The event was held on Thursday, September 8, and was hosted by the Toledo Police Department, TPD, and the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol, RSVP.

Various agencies such as the Area Office on Aging, Adult Protection, Ohio Attorney General’s Office, and Social Security, gave the seniors information on the newest, or most common types of scams being targeted at them, and how to protect themselves.

In addition, an area pharmacist addressed the group on the opioid issue, and how it puts seniors at risk for theft, particularly, those who are on medications.

Area seniors listen to the deceitful tactics that scammers use to target them.
Area seniors listen to the deceitful tactics that scammers use to target them.

Officer Kathleen Mohr, heads up the annual event. She told the Toledo Journal that it originally started off as a prevention event hosted by TPD and the Fire Department. As it grew, she and event organizers expanded it to include other agencies that offer beneficial information to seniors.

“I attend the event every year so I can get the latest information that’s beneficial to us seniors,” said Hilder Love.

All those who attended were treated to lunch, compliments of TPD and RSVP.