Thomas Temple members continue to hone worshipping skills during feast

The members of Thomas Temple Church of God and Christ, and Living Faith Tabernacle, are excited how their focus has become sharper during the Feast.

By Journal Staff Writer

As their 20 day Feast begins to draw to an end, the members of Thomas Temple Church of God and Christ, 2140 Ashland, and their Pastor, Susan Coleman, are excited about the possibilities after the Feast ends.

Started on September 25, and ending on October 14, the Feast was started by the church’s late founder, Archbishop, C.E. Thomas, 59 years ago, as a way to united members of the Pentecostal faith.

On October 9, at their church, invited guests from Living Faith Tabernacle Church, attended the celebration. Their Pastor, Priscilla Bowden, delivered the word.

Pastor Coleman told The Toledo Journal, “I’m really excited that we’ve been enjoying the fruits of the Spirit of God. We have so much motivation to build this Kingdom for God, here on Earth.”

Pastor Bowden’s talk focused on how hope is found in God. “This topic ties in directly with the Feast,” she said. “A lot of time we eat, or gain knowledge, from a table that isn’t right for us; we get full off of the wrong food, or knowledge. But when you feast from the Table of God, you’re completely satisfied.”

Pastor Coleman extends an invitation to the community to attend their celebrations. Services begin at 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and Sundays, the celebration begins at 10 a.m.