Journal Staff Writer

Every Monday, Sylvia Belcher drives her daughter, Tiosha Maddox, and her two month old granddaughter, Kyndal Hawkins to the Children’s Hospital in Akron, Ohio; approximately two and a half hours away from Toledo, because Ms. Maddox doesn’t own a car.

The reason the three commute to Akron on a weekly basis is Kyndai was born with the rare disease called Larsen Syndrome, which affects the development of bones. Further, those with the syndrome are usually born with inward, and upward turning feet, and dislocations of the hips, knees, and elbows. One in 100,000 babies are born with the syndrome.

Due to the condition, Kyndal’s nasal passages are shortened. But soon she will undergo a serious of surgeries, in Akron, to begin correcting her conditions. The first surgery will be on one hip, and one knee, and if she’s doing fine, other surgeries will follow on a month to month basis. Kyndal will eventually have a nurse coming to the house, twice a week for physical therapy, and she will wear braces on her feet 23 hours out the day.

When Ms. Belcher saw, in The Toledo Journal, that Mr. Self was awarding a car to a deserving family, she instantly nominated her daughter.

“When I was notified that I had been chosen to be the recipient for the free car, I wanted to scream, but I had just laid my kids down for a nap, so I controlled myself,” said Ms. Maddox. “This car would definitely make it easier for me, and my mom,” she said.

Since Ms. Maddox isn’t supposed to receive the car until December, Mr. Self said he, and his partner, Ariel Ellis are still trying to raise funds from the community to make sure Ms. Maddox is able to get her Kyndal back and forth to Akron for weekly treatments, and upcoming surgeries.

He’s asking the community, rather individuals, or businesses, to donate so Ms. Maddox can receive her car.

Visit or Google car for deserving family.

For those who would prefer to mail donations, or hand deliver, Taylor Hyundai is located at 6200 W. Central, Toledo, Ohio 43615.