Toledo Day celebrates family, community and call for action

The brothers of Golden Rule Lodge 129.

Journal Staff Writer

“I really like this event,” Raleigh Edwards told The Toledo Journal on Sunday, April 8, during Toledo Day, held at the Golden Rule Lodge, 129, Grace Temple 424, at 636 Junction Ave; but most people simply know them as the Elks.

“I’m from Akron, and we couldn’t have this type of event without a fight breaking out,” he added.

“I like the fellowship,” said Mariya McClya.

“I see people I haven’t seen in a while,” said Maquala McClya.

“It’s Toledo Day, why shouldn’t we be here,” said Devicha Crowley.

Praise after praise continued for the 45th annual event, from people who attended.

From the corner of Junction, and Indiana, to Junction and Vance, where the Elks, is located, people walked, and cars slowly inched their way through, as some people barbequed, and others, simply just laughed, and talked with others they haven’t seen since Toledo Day 2017.

Inside the Elks, Kevin Stewart, esteem leading knight, which is the equivalent to the head of the organization, shared how the origins of the day.

Forty-five years ago, he said, the association wanted to do something for the community, which consisted of inviting the public into their facility, offering free food, and introducing them to the various community services they offer. Since then, the event has grown in size, which city leaders have attended and offer words of continued success.

Daniel Smith, a member of Golden Rule Lodge 124 prepares to serve Raleigh Edwards, and Lenyce Edwards. Lenyce Edwards said, “Although I love Toledo Day, I really come to enjoy Daniel’s cooking. He’s a good cook.”

“We called it Toledo Day because the event is for the entire city,” Mr. Stewart said. “This event isn’t just for a particular area. It’s for all of Toledo,” he said.

But beyond the barbeque, and the fellowshipping, Mr. Stewart said the association strives to help better the community. When Councilman Tyrone Riley attended the event, he briefly outlined ways in which the organization can further their efforts at helping make Toledo a better place.

“One of the things Councilman Riley mentioned that we’ll be more involved in, is attending City Council meetings. There, we’ll be able to see what’s going on in city politics, offer suggestions, get involved, and share with those who didn’t attend, what plans are in store for our city,” Mr. Stewart said.

He also wants Toledo to know that membership for Golden Rule Lodge 129, is open for any men wanting to be involved in an association of brotherhood, as is, membership for any women wanting to join Grace Temple 424, is open.