Toledo Masjid of Al –Islam sponsors “Business of the Community” forum

Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Director and Senior Imam at Toledo Masjid of Al Islam

By Christopher T. Matthews

On Sunday April 30th Toledo Masjid of Al –Islam held a open House gathering for the community, part of the 10 Forward Program, where 10 months out of the year, from Feb-to Nov it is a community outreach initiative And, it is done through open house events at the end of each month where the Islamic community and the general public are invited to partake in specific forums.

Toledo Masjid of Al- Islam.
Toledo Masjid of Al- Islam.

Back in 1953 Toledo served as the host city for the convention of the International Muslim Society and the convention influenced the building of The Toledo Islamic Center on 722 E. Bancroft St. The Masjid opened in 1954 and was the first Masjid of North West Ohio and All of Ohio for that matter.

Sisters of Toledo Masjid of Al- Islam.
Sisters of Toledo Masjid of Al- Islam.

Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Director and Senior Imam at Toledo Masjid of Al Islam said that, The Topic for April was the Business of the Community. “When someone says they are about their business, they are doing something important, something that is priority and it takes precedence over other trivial activities.”

“We usually have a topic that is relative to current conversation and/or issues and things, of that nature. The objective is to expose ourselves to the broader community, and let them know that we are all in this together, with the intentions to make a contribution to all, while we practice our faith, “said Ibrahim Abdul Rahim, Director and Senior Imam at Toledo Masjid of Al Islam.

According to the director, the discussion highlighted the importance of people needing to be in the business of community and utilizing a broader definition, that is outside of the box. Most people are under the Impression that the program is solely about religion but their aim is to take on and discuss socio-economics.

Abullah Malik
Abullah Malik

Abdul Malik has been a member of the Islamic Community for over 20 years and he felt that the topic of discussion for the April Open was relevant. He would like to see more people, within the Islamic community and the community, in general, come together, because without unity a lot of the aforementioned community goals will not be possible.

Toledo resident known as Tiffany attended the Open House to learn more about Al- Islam and anything productive that would help her grow as a citizen and a person. She would like to experience new things and learn from them as well. When asked how did she feel about the lecture, she responded, by saying, “I loved it. It was insightful and I appreciated the information.”

Brandy Evans, a resident of the city of Toledo, attended for the first time, felt it was informative and understand the community initiative that the Imam Ibrahim is striving to put together, and supports it.

If anybody is interested in any of the Programs at The Toledo Masjid of Al-Islam contact (419) 241-9522.