Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union hosts connecting the community to resources

Suzette Cowell, left, President/CEO of Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union, and Kim Hibbert, were busy assisting people throughout the evening. Also in attendance was Michael Ashford, left, who’s currently running for State Senate.

Journal Staff Writer

The Ben E. Williams Field House, on the campus of Scott High School, 2400 Collingwood Ave, was filled with over 35 organizations, and people seeking out their assistance, on Tuesday, April 24, 2018.

Amongst those community leaders, who, briefly addressed participants, as they visited the table of vendors, were Tyrone Riley, Toledo City Councilman for District 1, Avis Files, director of Family Supportive Services, Brothers United, and Katie Bond, Lucas Count Metropolitan Housing representative.

Gathering information are front to back, Robert Montgomery, Larry Brazzel, and Terren Bechard

Hosted by the Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union, the purpose of the event was to connect the community to resources that will help improve their lives. Suzette Cowell, President/CEO told The Toledo Journal how they came about hosting the first time event.

“People constantly call us, and ask about resources that we don’t provide,” she said. “So we decided to organize an event that addressed some of the main concerns that people inquire about,” said Ms. Cowell.

One of the vendors fulfilling questions that evening was Phyllis Flowers, of Flowers disability Law Offices. She’s an attorney with 27 years of experience. She represents people who’ve been denied social security, or disability claims.

The Toledo Police Department and the Toledo Fire Department were present passing out information, as well as encouraging the public to take the Civil Servants Test.

One of the things Ms. Flowers was telling people that evening is she produces legal analysis and theories to her client’s cases that increase their chances of success.

Another vendor was Evelyn McKinney, Toledo Public Schools director of homeless intuitive for the district. Their goal is to target those children who are homeless, and help improve their situations.

Amongst their objectives, Ms. McKinney said are helping to provide stable living, helping with food acquisitions, and helping to better the students overall academic environment.

Donna Sims, standing, talks to Evelyn McKinney, TPS director of homeless initiatives for the district.

Donna Sims was at the event with her grandchildren. “I’m here to get as much information as possible. I think it’s really great that there are events such as this one,” she said.

Ms. Cowell said when school for the 2018/2019 season resumes in the fall, they plan on holding more frequent resource fairs, at different schools.