Lafe Tolliver
Lafe Tolliver

Dear readers:  By the time you read this column I will have voluntarily removed myself to the Panama Canal Zone to establish residency there as my protest against America voting into the White House a certifiable lunatic!

For me to stay in America during such a soon to be turbulent presidency would be my acceptance of this moron as my president and that is something I could not live with under no circumstances.

Without citing chapter and verse, America has lost itself with the election of Donald Trump as president.  You might as well have elected Bozo The Clown or the Three Stooges to serve in that capacity.

That is the category in which I would place Donald as far as his ability and capacity to be president.  His gaffes, intentional and otherwise, are legendary as to being the antithesis of present day requirements to be remotely able to be president.

So, from the warm climes of the Panama Canal, I will be watching cable television from my veranda, observing the circus acts of Trump and a Congress that will either implode from its inability to do the basics of governance or their appalling lack of control over the political and farcical acts of Trump and his appointed right wing  cabinet members.

For anyone who chose not to vote in this election of the century, shame on you and your apathy because when “things” happen and those “things” are policies that directly kick you in your hiney, please do not complain but simply turn your hiney to the unkicked part so Donald can complete his task.

To see the rabid support for this buffoon that he generated in spite of his mind boggling derogatory statements about practically everyone, including his own daughter (affirming with radio shock jock Howard Stern that she is a pretty piece of ***), it makes one wonder that the political discourse in this country has been reduced to a full body contact sport.

In spite of the concerns the electorate had, and rightly so with Hillary C., the election of the carnival barker Trump to the Oval Office is an effrontery to human decency and hastening of the demise of civility in the political arena.

If Trump has not and will not bring back to the shores of the USA the jobs that he has in about twelve countries and which make his products, why are the voters clueless in thinking that Donald will bring jobs back to America?

If Donald has any reserve for promoting a white nationalist agenda (The KKK under the auspices of David Duke of Louisiana strongly and happily endorsed Trump and his racial/immigration policies), that reserve or patina will come off while he is in the White House and that house will only get whiter and whiter and whiter.

Sadly, too many so called white evangelicals sold their soul to the Devil when they jettisoned any semblance of a “moral majority” and, like sheep to the slaughter, they voted, “Trump!”

So, from a safe distance I will be watching the political drama as Donald sticks it to America and tries to foist his vision of a divided America (both race and class) on a gullible and naive voting population who thought Donald was their Second Coming of Christ.

American politics has sown to a whirlwind and now it must reap the harvest. No recount. No second thoughts. No, “what have I done!” statements allowed. You  were determined to bring Donald to the dance, so now dance with him!


Lafe Tolliver, Attorney
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